Travel photography- GARE DU NORD

It has been a while since i post something in this website, i think it has been around 8 months since i post a new blog. Well, if you ask me why do i want to start blogging and posting again. It is because, i don’t know what to do with my photos in my HDD. It’s better i put my photos and share it with all of you rather than i put it in a closed container somewhere in my room. ๐Ÿ˜› And besides that, i want to share with all of the readers how did i take that kind of photos and where did i take it. From my experience, finding places to take photos in some countries or cities are problem, because they are hard to find in internet. Most of them only put the pictures only in the website, but this time i want to share the places too, so you can try to take that scenery too. The only thing that i won’t share is about the location is street photography, because from my opinion street photography is something that you have to explore yourself, you can’t find the same people or activity when you go there next time anyway. So it’s better that you just roaming around some city and try to take a photo. I won’t share you the places, but i will share you tips and trick to do it. I hope you can get some inspiration from reading and seeing my blog so. ๐Ÿ˜€

This will be my first photo share for this week. To make it easier to read i will put a certain format in every blog i will write. so 1. title, 2. Metadata(lenses, iso, shutter speed, aperture), 3. Location, and last a paragraph why i took that photo( What do i like about it, brief explanation how did i do it, and also a map where the place is, do you need a tripod or not).

  2. Lenses : 20 mm, ISO : 100 Shutter speed : ( i took it with bracketing so i don’t know the shutter speed), Aperture : f11
  3. Location ย : Gare du Nord (Paris Station)

Well, I was walking around 6 am when i was in Paris and i try to find what is good object to take, while i was walking around i saw this station still not too many activity around there, no cars, only few people there. I just like how the architecture is and also The Sun just started to pop out behind the station. What do i like about this photo is the sun light that gives lighting around the cloud. I tried to take it without tripod but of course i can’t do it because the lighting on the sky and the station is way to different. So i think it’s better to take this photo with bracket and process it with HDR. I processed it with Photomatix and did some masking in photoshop and thats it.


Japan Loot

So it’s been 4 days since i got back from Japan. I am thinking to write about it in my blog here, but before that i think i’ll post what is my loot ~~ haha.

I think i spent so much money there LOL , i bought a camera , books , cd , everything. There is one thing that actually i want to buy but failed to.

I want to buy a black rock shooter figure , but never have chance to look for and buy it. Anyway i already spent so much money there, i think it’s okay not to bought it LOL.

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Dinner in Food Fest

Last week i went to Food Fest .
in that place i ate pizza , pasta and bigul( rolling pork ? LOL) .
i don’t know how can i translate bigul in english , bigul is babi guling ,
babi means pork and guling means rolling (?) .
hmmm , i don’t know about the translation of bigul , but what i know is , it is very delicious .
and if you like spicy , you should it that .

btw, does everyone like spicy too ? or is it just me that like spicy ?
but someone said that if you don’t like spicy that means you are not real indonesians~~~~
because almost indonesians food is spicy^^ .

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