Stars at bromo mountain

This is my first attempt on Astrophotography, it was fun and i enjoyed it. i hope i can try it again next time.
Bromo is a mountain which is located 140 km from my hometown(Surabaya). It took me 3 hours to arrive there, the height is 2,770 m.
I took this photo in front of a hotel named cemara indah, It has a nice view of the crater and mount bromo.


Sunrise in Kenjeran Beach

Kenjeran beach at dawn

Today i went to Kenjeran for hunting there. It was 4 am when i went to that place , i was sleepy because i didn’t get enough sleep because i have to wake up early in the morning. I think i arrived at the beach around 4.30 am ( or may be 5 am) . I took the first photo as soon as i arrived at the beach, it was really dark and windy.

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Mid semester test

Dammit , tomorrow is the first day of the mid semester test >.<
i hope there will be no problem with the test.

and even i have a test , i think i will post everything as usual.


so these are what i have to learn for the mid semester test T_T.

hahaha for the record , it is 700 pages LOL.
btw , don’t you think when someone learning for a test always feels hungry ?? are you like that too ? or is it just me ?

and when i wrote this blog , i really want to eat something>.< .

Yosakoi in cultural fest

Today i went to cultural festival in bungkul garden near my place.
it was a nice event ^^ .

have you ever see a yosakoi dance ?
yosakoi dance is a traditional dance from japan , it was started in the city of kochi in 1954 . The style of dance is highly energetics with many people who join it , usually in 1 group there is about 15-20 .
and do you know that yosakoi means ” please come at night” 8D

this is the stage where the MC is talking , some of the photographer is going up to the stage for taking photos.
i thought it was prohibited to go up >.< , so i didn’t go there .

oh yeah , you can see in the banner , there is remo dance too in the festival .
actually remo dance is a traditional dance from indonesia , i didn’t have the chance to take a photo for that dance . T.T

it was really crowded , i think there is more than 2000 people in that place ~~~ .
it really hard to find some seat to sit there , but because i become a photographer , i can go to a place where a normal person can’t go ^^.
thats what is good about becoming photographer ~~~~~

does anybody go to that place also ? i mean went to bungkul garden ?
i saw some of my friends there 8D . and some of my friends also becoming a participant in that event .
last year i almost join in becoming a participant , but because of the schedule , i can’t join . T.T

this photo is one of the photos that i like , i like how they move and make the shadow >.<

that photo in the left , don’t you wonder how old is that boy ? i think he is the most youngest participant who joins in that event .
and the best cloths if i have to choose may be that right one ^^, it is so colorful , and it matches with the background .

Even japanese also participating in that event , i think she( the middle one in the picture) is not participating in the competition .
but when i saw the dance , i saw some group from a japan community in my town also joining in the event ^^

you can find more picture in my flickr

oh yeah , if you still don’t know what yosakoi is ? you should watch this video ~~

i’m sorry i can’t find better video in youtube >.< .

Japanese food in my town

Last week i went to Tong tong , tong tong is a japanese restaurant , it was really delicous .
if you ever have a chance to go to surabaya or you are staying at surabaya now , you should eat at that restaurant ~~~~

btw how many of you like to eat japanese restaurant ??
which one do you like ? cuisine from japan ? china ? europa ? indonesian ? or the other type of cuisine ?

i like japanese cuisine the most ^^ , if i have to eat sashimi and sushi everyday , it will be like in heaven hahaha.

So last saturday i went to tong tong alone , because my parents and my sister went somewhere , and i being left alone .
and there is no food in my house , so i went there .

this is the front of tong tong restaurant .
actually tong tong in surabaya is a branch from japan , but i don’t know which part of japan is it . ( i forgot D8)
but , when you eat at this restaurant you can feel like you are eating in japan >.<, because the taste is almost the same with the one in japan^^

this is how tong tong looks like in the inside .

it is the 2nd floor , this restaurant have 2 floors .

the interior is simple and clean , and i like the ambience. ^^

I ordered katsu curry for dinner ,
i think the best japan curry in surabaya is at tong tong ,

you can smell a strong curry scent from this food .
oh yeah , besides katsu curry , i also ordered motsuni , motsuni is a food made from intestines ,

may be some of you don’t like intestines , but i like it  8D

and this one is a gift for you ^^ , a recipe to make katsu curry 8D

a bazaar in my high school ( sinlui )

So , Friday 9th october 2009 , i went to a bazaar at my old high school .
it was a nice bazaar ^^ , but i went there only for 15 minute for taking photo , because i want to write something about those event in my blog~~~

by the way , do you know what bazaar is ? bazaar is a place where goods and services are exchanged or sold , and bazaar is word come from persian (bāzār).

do you ever went to a bazaar?

So these are some picture of a bazaar at sinlui ^^
oh yeah , i take all photos with lumix Lx-3 , i thought i am going to bring a SLR camera but at last i didn’t .

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Dinner in Food Fest

Last week i went to Food Fest .
in that place i ate pizza , pasta and bigul( rolling pork ? LOL) .
i don’t know how can i translate bigul in english , bigul is babi guling ,
babi means pork and guling means rolling (?) .
hmmm , i don’t know about the translation of bigul , but what i know is , it is very delicious .
and if you like spicy , you should it that .

btw, does everyone like spicy too ? or is it just me that like spicy ?
but someone said that if you don’t like spicy that means you are not real indonesians~~~~
because almost indonesians food is spicy^^ .

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