Gypsy music

Recently I have interest for gypsy music. I don’t know why but when i hear a gypsian music it feels like im in a fantasy world.

One of the music which i like is sung by Luka Bloom, Gypsy music. Actually i just heard it a few minutes ago haha. When i was wondering what should i write in this blog, Sometimes when i want to write something at this blog i’m confused, what should i write.

Anyway back to the Gypsy music. hmmm, i don’t know much about gypsy music, but i like it. That’s why i’ve been searching for some songs,

 houses of santorini( Santorini city view)

The picture above is a photos which taken at Santorini. ( This photo is credited for Axiepics from Flickr). This is what i imagine a representative picture of gypsy music. A landscape view of a vast and a calm sea, while sitting on a bench watching a blue sky and a white cloud and feeling the soft wind blowing through your cheeks. At night going to a good old restaurant with the  live band playing a gypsy music, eating a mediterranean food drinking some beer. After dinner going back to your house sitting by the hill watching the moon shining through your room….

Moon night       [EXPLORE #35]I’ve never been to Santorini or around that part of Europe, but i think i like the town which giving me a kinda a nostalgic feeling even i never been there.

FYI i didn’t take the first 2 photos myself, i took it from another flickr user photos. But i took the last photo myself.

music by luka bloom , gypsy music


Playing guitar with pencil ??

Have you ever seen someone play a guitar with a pencil ?

i never saw someone play a guitar with pencil , but today i just saw a youtuber upload his video playing a guitar with pencil .

this video

what do you think ? isn’t cool ? hahaha .
someday i want to try like that too 8D

Making Music with Baloon

It has been a week since i post something to this blog >.< , i think i am getting lazy hahaha .
actually it’s because of my busyness lately… There are many test and assignment which i have to finished this week . I don’t know why it’s already Christmas season but i get more assignment than before . By the way , what about you ? Do you get busy in season like this ? or you get more time to enjoy your holiday?

Btw here is a video from youtube that is interesting 8D , do you ever know a music player playing an instrument called baloon ? Or should i call it bass ballon~~~

It’s really cool to play like those 2 guys , don’t you think it’s very convenient to play only with baloons XD.
you only need to bring a baloon to anywhere you want and you can play a music hahaaha . All you need to do is only filling the baloon with gas.

To aru kagaku no railgun Op

Is to aru kagaku no railgun in your watch list for this season ?
i think if you like toaru majutsu no index , i think you will like this series too . ( may be a peaceful version of it ) hahahah
actually this series is a side story of majutsu no index . if you haven’t seen the original one , i think you should see it ~~

The To Aru Kagaku no Railgun side story is based on Kamachi’s original story set in Academy City, a city where about 80% of its 2.3 million citizens are students working to develop psychic powers and advanced technology. The story deals with the adventures of Misaka Mikoto, one of the Level 5 espers in the To Aru Majutsu no Index light novels.

and the opening song is sung by fripside . do you know fripside ?

FripSide is a Japanese pop duo that started in February 2002. When the group started, they were releasing their songs on the Japanese amateur and indie community, muzie. fripSide’s albums were always high in sales at muzie’s online CD shop. As of July 2006, more than 6,000 copies of the three original albums have been sold. and beside this anime , they also sing for koihime musou .

here is some picture from moe.imouto

does anybody remember who is the right in the right side ? i like her style when she fight . 8D

thinks it is near christmas so i post this picture~~ , do you have christmas in your country ?

so here is the song

and here is the anime version


5 Great Guitar Player in Youtube

this picture is taken from one of flickr user.( but i forgot who is he…=.=)

Do you know about these guitar player ? ? Don’t you think sometimes there are many great guitar player that everyone don’t know .

so here , i am posting some of them in this post .

1. this is from a user named partyzgit , they play a theme song of pulp fiction with guitar and 2 pencil ? don’t you wonder how to play a guitar with pencil ? let’s just take a look

2. AndanteLargo , a guy who plays classical guitar , i think he is one of the best classical guitar player in youtube . when you heard his song , you can feel

3.lonlonjp , i think i can’t find anyone else besides lonlonjp , if you ask about guitar game song , he is one of the best guitar player that everyone don’t know in youtube . you should take a look at his user site in youtube and see his guitar plays

4.joscho stephan , a guitar player who use gypsy style to play . he is also one of my favourite .

5.and for the last i have maruchan0208 , he is from japan . he plays combining rythem and melody , this song is one of my favourite too.

One man band? - 49447 megurine_luka piano vocaloid

have you ever saw a man who play more than 4 music instrument in one go ?
i never saw it since i watch this video from youtube .

when i saw this video , my expression is like ( O.o )

btw , can you play a music?
i can play guitar only, but actually i have learn 3 kinds of music instrument in my life; violin , guitar , and piano or organ .
after i tried to learn 3 of them  , i think i prefer guitar ^^ .

don’t you think music is one of the most beautiful think in our life ?

Without music life would be a mistake.  ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche^^

Music’s the medicine of the mind.  ~John A. Logan

Weekly Guitar Game 2

This week guitar song is from Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX ,
actually i just want to post 1 video only per week . but , last saturday when i recorded it , i feel if i post final fantasy vii song only , it will be too short . so i recorded 1 more song again .^^

FfixLogo 250px-FF7logo

and what song did i record ? from final fantasy VII is costa del sol and from final fantasy IX is rose of may .
if you are a fan of final fantasy i think you will know about those songs ~~

Costa del sol is a city besides a beach in final fantasy VII . Ever since i played FF7 ,  i always like this city BGM , when i heard this song , it feels you are really in that place .  8D

this is some pic from costa del sol, in case if you have forgot how it looks like .  ^^


btw , do you know costa del sol is also a city in the south of  Spain , and it is a popular tourist region .But ,  I never went there , may be somedays i will go there and see it with my own eyes how it looks like ~~~
Does anybody ever went to that place ??

And for the other song is rose of may from Final fantasy IX , This is one type of song that i like to hear. ^^
and if you ever heard about a user of youtube called katethegreat , i think you will know how good is this song ~~
I think i will put her video in this post too . in case you don’t know her 8D

oh yeah , i recorded all of my video with Lumix Lx-3 , i hope if someone know how to record it with better result , please tell me .
btw , how many of you played final fantasy VII and IX ??

and this is the video i told about from katethegreat , please enjoy it ^^

thanks for reading ^^ .