Quote 101

You cannot make everyone happy, but you can control your fate and make yourself happy. Say it…do it…cause life is too short!


Tough day


What a day..
Take a deep breath and smoke,
That’s what i thought when i took photo of this woman, I saw her walking from inside the bar while sighing she took a smoke from her pocket. Suddenly she stop infront of me and started smoking and calling someone with her phone.
Maybe at that time she was calling her husband or son or friends, but i feel the tiredness in her eyes. It’s like she was thinking, why i have to work in this bar, everyday going to the same place, the same time, the same activity.

How to care for the Ocean

This video from National Geographic tell us how to take care of our Ocean. We know that Ocean is a big part of our life. The Ocean is 2/3 part of our Earth, most of living being are staying in sea. Like fish, octopus, starfish, oyster, etc.

Since from the start actually we already know about how important the Ocean to us, but we always make it easy and sometimes we forgot about it. That’s why i hope when you saw this video you can remember and want to join hand with your friends and family to take part in it.

It’s been a year!

It’s been a year since i use this wordpress to blog~

Last year i decided to buy a domain for my website, but after 1 year of usage. i feel this is easier for me. You can do anything you want like using your own domain.


Anyway do you know about street dancer ? Recently i like watching that kind of video in youtube. For example this video

The first time i saw the video, i wanted to learn the move. but on second thought,  learning that kind of things is really going to take a lot of time. And i don’t have that many to start with.(hahaha). I have to play guitar, computer, cooking, studying, etc. And now i want to blog again. XD

Anyway back to the topic, “Dance”. As i know there are many types of street dance in the world. If you want to know more about street dance you can read it here


The one i just showed you above is a group of Japanese street dancer. They lack of move but i like it.

It’s different if you compare it to this kind of video

They have a cooler move and there is a WOW factor when you watch it, but i don’t kno why i prefer the japanese dance style to watch. I feel that they are not just for showing off or something like that.

But still i think the best street dancer comes from US. Like the dance of African-American people. I feel the power when they dance.

Besides that kind of dance, lately in Japan develop a a “cute” type of dance . The one below is called caramelldansen. I wonder why it’s really popular around the world.

Caramelldansen is known in Japan as “Uma uma dance” (ウマウマダンス), because of the song chorus misheard lyrics (soramimi) of “u-u-ua-ua“, ウッーウッーウマウマ (u- u- umauma, “uma” is suggested to mean “yummy”, “nice” (うまい umai?, slurred: うめぇ umē-)or “horse” (馬 uma?) in Japanese).

There is also this kind of dance,

Anyway i think that’s it for this post, see you next time!!

Tsukiji Fish Market

Today , i gonna write something about Tsukiji  Market . Tsukiji Fish market is a place tokyo in Chuo district .

Tsukiji is a whole sale market dealing in seafood and farming goods , the size of this place is around 250.000 square meter . Just think how big it is . , a size of soccer field is around 6000 square meter, that means Tsukiji market is 40 times bigger than soccer field .
Everyday more than 2000 tons of fish delivered in this place . There are 14.ooo people working in tsukiji everyday .

This is how tsukiji looks like in the past .

So , how is the system in Tsukiji market ?
Tsukiji seafood delivered directly from fishing ports , and wholesalers can sell their fish in tsukiji using an auction system .  After that they sold it in 3 retailers , restaurants , sushi shops , and fish shops .

Tsukiji accept all of the fish in a freezing condition  . In tsukiji,  a premium tuna can be sold for 1.5 Million yen or 15000 USD . (O.o)!
The auction begin at  5.30 AM , every fish only being auctioned for 5 seconds . That 5 seconds decide wether you will get a nice tuna or not .  If you get a nice tuna you can sell for a nice price .
And the sales started at 7.00 AM when customers come to that place .

Btw , usually you think that it is better to eat a raw fish that is fresh , right?  . But it is not always like that , sometimes you have to keep a fish for 1 day to eat it .

Near tsukiji market there is a shrine named Namiyoke  . The usage of this shrine is a place where you can pray and give a gratitude for the fish that you have eaten .

ok then i think , i will let the picture tell you the story 8D .


Today i will review a food called ramen 8D . The source of this review is from a tv show called begin japanology~~~
Ramen is a japanese noodle dish that originated in China . Inside a ramen there are 3 important things , soup , noodle , and toppings.

Actually ramen was invented in Japan 50 years ago , and until now there are 28 style to eat ramen in Japan .

A ramen is a food that you can eat quick , so if you don’t have much time you can just eat ramen . Do you know that someone who is fanatic of ramen can eat more than 1100 times in a year?
The soup of ramen is made from chicken , beef bone , vegetables , etc . They boiled all of it in one place and they made broth from them . After they made the soup they can gave some seasoning to make a miso ramen or the other kinds of ramen.

And there is also a ramen called milky ramen , they gave some milk in a miso ramen so they can produce a white and milky ramen . I wonder how it taste like ~~~

Mostly in Japan there are 2 kinds of noodle in ramen , a wrinkled one and straight one .

In Yokohama , there is a place called ramen museum . The concept of this place is to reproduce a Japanese scene from around 1960’s . There are 9 ramen restaurant in that food centre.

Japan noodle ramen is different from china La mien( i wonder how to write that word ) , Chinese La mien is made manually by the chef , they made a noodle by stretching it .

The first japanese person who taste chinese La mien is Tokugawa Mitsukuni , he was visiting China to meet Zhu Zhiyu. Actually at that time Japan already famous with their Udon , so the record from china said that La mien is similiar with Japan Udon .

In 1958 , Japan invented the first instant ramen . It is so easy, you only have to pour hot water in a bowl and put the noodle in that bowl . It was so famous that instant ramen became daily food in Japan.

You know that ramen is very popular in the world , i think you all have ever eaten ramen at least once in your life . And last time when an astronout from Japan went to space  , he also eat ramen .

So i think i can say ramen is not only very popular in the world but also in the universe ~~~~~

And the funny thing is , how you eat a ramen in zero gravity condition , hahahahah .

So that’s all for this week review of Japanese ramen 8D .