Stars at bromo mountain

This is my first attempt on Astrophotography, it was fun and i enjoyed it. i hope i can try it again next time.
Bromo is a mountain which is located 140 km from my hometown(Surabaya). It took me 3 hours to arrive there, the height is 2,770 m.
I took this photo in front of a hotel named cemara indah, It has a nice view of the crater and mount bromo.


2 days trip to Jakarta

Last week , i had a trip to Jakarta .
i had to go there because i got some invitation for seminar , but of course i didn’t go to Jakarta only for seminar .
i had a full 2 days culinary trip~~~~

so i will share some of the photos here in my blog 8D

this is my first stop for breakfast haha , i ate porridge and bbq pork , it was really delicious.

a delicious bbq pork , you should try it if you had a chance to go there ^^

porridge with bbq pork dish.
after i ate those , i went to hotel for check in , and i just remember that i forgot to take photo of the hotel . >.<

in the afternoon i went to Grand Indonesia for the seminar, this photo is in the inside of Grand Indonesia , i think it is called dancing water . I think it is imitating from Las Vegas .

invitation card…

this is how the room for seminar looks like .

i don’t know that in seminar you can see someone playing music XD

i had a break , so i went to eat BK , when i read this . i wonder is it that different if you cook it with flame grilling and just a ordinary tools to cook ?

pasta de waraku, a japanese pasta restaurant . All pasta that i have tried in that place is delicious~~~

this is how pasta de waraku looks in the inside.

bird cage cafe , i didn’t eat anything in that place . but i think this cafe has a nice ambiance .

food court in one of the mall in jakarta , i think it is in plaza senayan .
Do you ever go to this place ?

this is how plaza indonesia looks like , actually Jakarta is a nice place if you want to go for shopping or eating . but the traffic is not really good . in everyplace there is a trafficjam

in plaza indonesia i went to eat a dessert , actually i am not really a dessert man .
which one do you prefer ? main course ? dessert ? or appetizer ?

Fat burger ?? have you ever tried this burger ? it is really delicious .
there is a XL size for the burger , it is really big .
and a day before i came to that place , there is a competition , if you can eat 2 XL fatburger you can win a prize .
btw , usually how many burger can you eat ? 2 ? 3? 4?