Taiwan visit part 1

A month ago i went to Taiwan to join the MYM program. I had never been there before, so the MYM visit that i join made me curious before arriving. FYI MYM is Mid year meeting program that is held every year for a program called APDSA (Asia Pasific Dental Student Association). I left for Taiwan on Thursday and the flight took me about 7 hours. Because i had connecting flight my plane had to stop to Singapore for 1 hour before flying to Taiwan. During the journey I enjoy myself by watching movies or listening to music and sometimes fell a sleep.
When the plane Landed at Taoyuan International Airport. I felt terribly cold since i am from a tropical country. A friend of mine was waiting to pick me up. Her name is Erin and she is a native Taiwanesse, kind hearted, and we often chat on the internet before,. I’ve known her since 2008 and we’d always join this program since then. So it’s almost been 5 years since i’ve known her. Of course as Taiwanesse, she can’t speak Indonesia but her english is awesome!

We took a bus from the airpot to Taipei main station and continued by MRT. It was very crowded there and we didn’t have any chance to talk to each other because of it. Then we arrived at The Leader hotel where we stayed for 4 nights. It was already late in the afternoon when we arrived there. While checking in to our room, i was waiting for my friend from Indonesia who has been studying chinese for a year in Taipei.

After i met her, all of us went to have some dinner. We ate japanese curry that night, FYI i’ve been craving for japanese curry since a couple months ago so that’s why we didn’t eat taiwan food but japanese food 😛

Hmmm i forgot the name of the restaurtan but the food looks like this

after the meal we went for “dessert” @shilin night market. There was a lot of food there, and i ate alot. We enjoy some oyster omelet, taiwanesse tempura, yakiniku, pork, beef, etc. After we finish eating in the Shilin night market, we went to meet up with our friends to enjoy another “dessert” together and have a chit chat . After that we went back to the hotel and we went to bed. Anyway that’s it for the story part, i’ll just put the photos here. Hope you can enjoy it. 😀

a boy @Shilin night market

Shilin night market view

Yakiniku guy 😀

Day 2

the next day i went to visit NTU ( National Taiwan University) It was really a nice university, it has a lot of department inside the campus. There are a lake and farming field there.


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