Final Fantasy XIV 1st experience

So this is the first time i played this new MMORPG .  what i can say is just 1 word  AWESOME~~!
here is what it looks like when you tried to log in the program.

The first time i start the program , i feels like… [THIS IS IT~ ~ , THIS IS IT~~] . So you just have to start and you create the character choosing the world , city , and everything.

And here is my character in Final Fantasy XIV . I choose a mi’qote the seeker of sun, at first actually i am confused because i don’t know what to choose between miqote or lallafel . But after i watch some videoclip from SE and Nobuo said that he also want to use miqote if he played this game. So i choose this chara. 8D

here is the video

and i choose pugilist as my job . This is what she looks like.

and here are some screenshot of the first movie in Final fantasy XIV ,  IT was AWESOME~~, it’s still beta version yet it is already like that, i wonder when they launch it for real.

That’s it . That’s what the movie looks like , so what do you think ?

Hmmm btw , if anyone is playing Final Fantasy XIV and in Mysidia world , please tell me your name . may be i can whisp you .
oh yeah, and my name is Xilvana Gainsburrough.

Actually the first time i played this game i am so confused, i don’t know what to do and i found a LS or Linkshell of Japanese and i join them.

btw here is what the city looks like , i start in U’ldah. I think it’s a nice city but it’s kinda sandy. 8P


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