Today i will review a food called ramen 8D . The source of this review is from a tv show called begin japanology~~~
Ramen is a japanese noodle dish that originated in China . Inside a ramen there are 3 important things , soup , noodle , and toppings.

Actually ramen was invented in Japan 50 years ago , and until now there are 28 style to eat ramen in Japan .

A ramen is a food that you can eat quick , so if you don’t have much time you can just eat ramen . Do you know that someone who is fanatic of ramen can eat more than 1100 times in a year?
The soup of ramen is made from chicken , beef bone , vegetables , etc . They boiled all of it in one place and they made broth from them . After they made the soup they can gave some seasoning to make a miso ramen or the other kinds of ramen.

And there is also a ramen called milky ramen , they gave some milk in a miso ramen so they can produce a white and milky ramen . I wonder how it taste like ~~~

Mostly in Japan there are 2 kinds of noodle in ramen , a wrinkled one and straight one .

In Yokohama , there is a place called ramen museum . The concept of this place is to reproduce a Japanese scene from around 1960’s . There are 9 ramen restaurant in that food centre.

Japan noodle ramen is different from china La mien( i wonder how to write that word ) , Chinese La mien is made manually by the chef , they made a noodle by stretching it .

The first japanese person who taste chinese La mien is Tokugawa Mitsukuni , he was visiting China to meet Zhu Zhiyu. Actually at that time Japan already famous with their Udon , so the record from china said that La mien is similiar with Japan Udon .

In 1958 , Japan invented the first instant ramen . It is so easy, you only have to pour hot water in a bowl and put the noodle in that bowl . It was so famous that instant ramen became daily food in Japan.

You know that ramen is very popular in the world , i think you all have ever eaten ramen at least once in your life . And last time when an astronout from Japan went to space  , he also eat ramen .

So i think i can say ramen is not only very popular in the world but also in the universe ~~~~~

And the funny thing is , how you eat a ramen in zero gravity condition , hahahahah .

So that’s all for this week review of Japanese ramen 8D .


7 thoughts on “Ramen

    • hmmm…. , do you know tong tong ?
      actually you can eat ramen in tong tong . That place is a nice place to eat japanese food 8D
      tong tong is near grand ocean restaurant , in the red apartment .
      i think the apartment name is beverly something . haha

  1. I live in Yokohama and I love ramen. I eat it every week. I was wondering, though, if there is a la-mein (or mian) restaurant in Yokohama.

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