Monster Hunter Portable

Hey ~~~ , it’s been a month since i post something in my blog . I think i’m getting lazy >.< hahahaha .

Actually this week is my final exam time , so i think i won’t write too much XD . Btw since last month i’ve been playing Monster Hunter in my PSP . Do you ever played Monster Hunter in PSP ? or any other console  ?
If you never played that game and you have a PSP , i think you should play that game ^^ . That game is really a great one .

In Monster Hunter , i like using bowgun to hunt , but sometimes i use a katana too . Actually in Monster Hunter there are many kinds of weapon , such as: Greatsword , Longsword , Heavybowgun , Lightbowgun , Bow , Hammer, Huntinghorn , Gun and lance , and there are also Sword n Shield and Dual Sword.

Personally , i like using Heavybowgun and Lightbowgun . but i dunno if i will meet a monster that can’t be defeated by bowgun . For now i will use this one hahaa 8D.

This dragon is Tigrex . It is one of the monster that is hard to be beaten using bowgun . Oh yeah , all of this picture is taken from deviant art .

Kirin armor ^^ , i want to make this one but i don’t have enough materials >.<

btw if you play monster hunter , this is my information resource


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