One man band? - 49447 megurine_luka piano vocaloid

have you ever saw a man who play more than 4 music instrument in one go ?
i never saw it since i watch this video from youtube .

when i saw this video , my expression is like ( O.o )

btw , can you play a music?
i can play guitar only, but actually i have learn 3 kinds of music instrument in my life; violin , guitar , and piano or organ .
after i tried to learn 3 of them  , i think i prefer guitar ^^ .

don’t you think music is one of the most beautiful think in our life ?

Without music life would be a mistake.  ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche^^

Music’s the medicine of the mind.  ~John A. Logan

3 thoughts on “One man band?

  1. yeah I’ve seen people like this several times when I was traveling abroad. Makes you wonder with all these wonderful musicians all over the world, why a lot of the ones at the top are crap. I’m not saying that all the popular ones are worthless, but there are a lot of better artists out there in the world!

    • yeah , think so .
      there are a lot of better artists out there that we don’t know .

      that’s why there always be a program like american idol , do you think you can dance , etc , to find a talented man .

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